hors doeuvres caterer Tampa

hors doeuvres caterer Tampa

Hors Doeuvres Caterer in Tampa

Who invented hors doeuvres?

The term hors d'oeuvre derives from 18th century France where the saying referred to something “outside the ordinary” courses of a typical meal. It may also be translated to mean “apart from work” or “an extra dish.” In any case, hors doeuvres are delicious bites that can be prepared and delivered by ExecChef. As far as the origin of the snack itself, there are several schools of thought on the matter. Some believe that little pre-meal bites come from ancient China. Others think that hors doeuvres originated in Italy, Spain, or Africa. No matter where hors doeuvres actually originated, everyone seems to enjoy bite-sized snack foods, especially in a friendly social setting.

Are hors doeuvres always served hot?

Actually, tasty one-bite hors doeuvres may be hot or cold. Slices of toasted bruschetta topped with bits of roasted veggies and cheese are delicious fresh out of the oven, and they're still yummy after they've cooled off. If you plan to host an old-school retro style 1970s-theme party, consider a fondue pot and long forks with which guests can spear a chunk of bread and dip it into melted cheese. If you make it small enough, practically any food that you enjoy may be served as party hors doeuvres.

What is an easy way to serve a variety of snacks to a crowd?

For a savory snack that may be enjoyed standing up or sitting down, hors doeuvres are always a great choice. Finger foods that don't require a knife and fork are an easy option when you need to feed a big party crowd. Hors doeuvres may be lined up on a buffet table, or a caterer can circulate through the room offering plates of goodies to party guests. If you have time to make your own appetizers, good for you. If you'd rather spend that time hanging out with your guests, hire an experienced hors doeuvres caterer in Tampa or wherever you happen to be.

Are hors doeuvres and appetizers the same thing?

Yes, they are. Any number of foods may be referred to as appetizers or hors doeuvres. In Hawaii, they even call them pupus. As long as they deliver only a bite or two, and as long as they can be eaten with hands, any delicious little food that's served before a meal or in lieu of a formal dinner can be called appetizers or hors doeuvres. The next time you're at a restaurant, take note of the tasty things that can be savored before a meal, and ask ExecChef hors doeuvres caterer in Tampa to make them for your next social gathering.

No matter which are your favorite hors doeuvres, making them can take a lot of time. Buying ingredients to make bite-sized snacks eats up plenty of time, too. If you would rather enjoy your guests than worry about feeding them, hire ExecChef to be your hors doeuvres caterer in Tampa. To place your order, call 727-798-1246


hors doeuvres caterer Tampa
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